Sunday, October 19, 2008

big haul of the month

This month is a month of more spending for me. Just came back from Korea, it is a shopping heaven. I prefer shopping in Korea than in Hong Kong. Particularly love Insadong, an art and antique district. Will cover more on this wonderful place in my subsequent post. For now, let's focus only on bags!! **woohoo!!!

DH knows my bag craze and he knows my desire to have a big work bag. He bought me a lovely pressie from Coach just before our trip -- presenting the classy Legacy Leather Zip Satchel in Amethyst! Love the design but not used to the distressed leather and the antique looking hardware. I love it nevertheless cos it is a heartwarming gesture from DH. ^_^

In Korea, I went into a small shopping spree at LV. Bought a purple epi cles and a violette vernis Roxbury Drive. Yeah!!! Buying from overseas is definitely better than buying in Singapore. I get tax refund in Korea and escape any additional tax/ markup here. Below are pictures of my new beauties.

In Jeju Island of Korea, there is a Teddy Bear Museum. One of the exhibits is a cute bear dressed in LV monogram brown coat and cap, plus he has a classic monogram suitcase too. Very cool, yah? =)

Having 2 new bags is a wonderful thing and I know it is time to impose a ban on myself on luxury items. These pretty things add colour and interest to my life but should never take my focus away from the better things in life.

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