Saturday, October 14, 2006


[一剪梅] 李清照

红藕香残玉簟秋, 轻解罗裳, 独上兰舟。
云中谁寄锦书来?雁字回时, 月满西楼。
花自飘零水自流,一种相思, 两处闲愁。

《青玉案》 辛幼安

Bracelet Memory - Made from Kandice Seeber's beautiful lampwork beads. These beads were received during the period which I was blessed with beautiful memories. When I made these lampwork beads into a bracelet, it has a special meaning to me.... perhaps that explains why I wear it alot! :)

(Thanks to Brackendesigns for the help in the image :) )

And the bracelet with the necklace -

The beautiful memories will always be in my heart.

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frany said...

superbe !!!! it's so beautiful......