Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My latest set - necklace and bracelet

The necklace

1st pic - the focal

2nd pic - the necklace!

The bracelet

This set of flower theme necklace and bracelet took me about 3 days to complete. Not a full 3 days but still they were long hours invested. :P

The bracelet's design was taken from a Jap bead magazine. Did minor modifications and the final look is shown above.

The necklace was a further modification. The focal of 3 flowers and purple teardrop beads was designed by myself. Have never worked on such design before and hence more time was required to come up with something that was satisfying to my eyes. ^_^

The necklace marks a new page in my beading journey. Finally I see myself able to try something more complicating and delicate. I have also gained more confidence.

Lots of thanks to all my friends who believed in me and encouraged me with all their hearts. Not forgetting my beloved husband who would drive me to all the bead shops in Singapore to get the parts I want. =)

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